To go through life effortlessly, children need an atmosphere that nurtures inner strength 


Hatha Yoga For Children

For Age 7 to 13

Yoga is not just for adults! It provides benefits to all age groups.

For young children, yoga is more than just a physical activity. Through regular yoga practice, children not only exercise their body but improve their mind-body coordination. During these times, when it is easy to get distracted, yogic practices can improve their mental alertness and focus.

An Overview of the program:

This comprehensive program introduces children to simple yet powerful asanas and breathing practices, which empowers them with some essential self management skills to reduce stress and anxiety. While experiencing yoga as a holistic process, they dig into various lifestyle principles focused on improving postures, eating habits etc. They also get a chance explore the impact of sounds on the body.  Above all, they learn to slow down and take it easy!

This program introduces children to yoga in a fun-filled and joyful manner, opening a whole new way of living and enjoying life. Our idea is to impart this knowledge in such a way that our children won’t need to go to any studio or yoga class thereafter. They learn a skill for lifetime. Whether they are travelling or at home, they don’t need any extra equipment, apart from their own body and a yoga mat.

A light snack is provided after each session.

All practices are taught with simple instructions by an accredited Isha™ Hatha Yoga teacher, trained under the guidance of Sadhguru.

Practice benefits:

Increases physical strength and stamina
Brings balance to right and left brain
Enhances thinking capacity, concentration and memory
Releases tension and brings ease
Helps with mild depression and anxiety
Balances the Autonomic Nervous System
Improves posture
Strengthen the spine
Improves sleep quality
Increases immunity

Practice Requirements:

Age between 7 to 13
No prior experience of yoga needed
All sessions are held in simple English
Empty stomach condition to be maintained for all sessions. That is 2.5 hrs gap after a full meal, 1.5 hrs gap after a snack, 1 hour after any beverage.

Post Learning:

Children will be able to practice on their own. Takes only 20-30 min daily.

A possibility to join review sessions every month is also available.

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