Hatha yoga for children

Hatha Yoga for Mini Yogis  

(Children's Yoga)

Yoga is beneficial not only for adults, but also for children. Today, children often encounter emotional, social and physical challenges, simply by living in a competitive world which demands a lot from young kids. Yoga can help children navigate life's challenges with ease by learning techniques for self health, relaxation and inner fulfillment.

Practice Benefits:

Enhances flexibility, strength and body awareness in children

Improves concentration, attention and sense of calmness

Refines Balance and coordination

Connects deeply with inner self and the outer world around them

Improves memory and learning efficiency

Encourages healthy habits and supports positive mental growth

Boosts self esteem and confidence

Reduce risk of obesity, asthma, sinusitis and other chronic ailments.

Practice Prerquisite:

Age group : 10 - 14 years old

Low intensity

No prior experience of yoga required


Post Learning:

30+ min practice

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