Yoga at Work

2 hours Hatha Yoga and Meditation Session for enhanced productivity and wellbeing

Based on Beginner level Isha™ Upa Yoga practices, this session provides some simple yoga practices and breathing exercises for reducing stress, improving postures and overall wellbeing.

Yoga at work is a great way for introducing yoga to the working professionals and creating a joyful working environment. A healthy workforce directly translates into increased productivity and reduced stress.


Practice Benefits

Enhances Memory and Focus

Rejuvenates the body after long periods of sitting on a chair

Relieves physical tiredness and stress

Exercises the joints and muscles

Negates the effects of long distance travel and Jetlags


Practice requisites:

Suitable for all ages

Gentle and relaxing

Low-Level Intensity

No prior experience of yoga required

Session is best scheduled before lunch as participants need to have a light stomach

Session requires a quiet, spacious room with AV equipment

Each participant requires approximately 1m x 2m of clear space

Upto 10 participants



Yoga Mats

5,500 kr.