(All Prices are in DKK)


Upa yoga 1000 Dkk
Surya Kriya 1500 Dkk
Surya Kriya + Surya Shakti 2000 Dkk
Yogasanas 2000 Dkk
Angmardana 2000 Dkk
Surya Shakti 1000 Dkk
Bhuta Shuddhi 1500 Dkk
Sadhna Time (2.5 hrs) 250 Dkk
Isha Kriya Free
Mantra Yoga Free

*All workshops and practice sessions are in English



Bliss Membership

(Once a week, 4 sessions a month)


Price per month
6 months membership 2000 Dkk
12 months membership 2000 Dkk

*6 months membership does not include all the workshops

* 12 months membership includes all the workshops except Bhuta Shuddi


Keep it flexible

(Practice sessions -1 hour each)

 You can keep it flexible and customise your practice schedule according to your convenience. Just choose a practice you want to learn and combine it with following options of practice sessions.


Single Practice session : 400 Dkk

5 Practice sessions pass : 1750 kr (expires in 3 months)

10 Practice sessions pass : 3000 kr (expires in 6 months)


*Practice sessions can only be taken after taking any workshop.

*These prices do not include workshops.

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