Roadmap to Practices!

A question that we very often come across is – Which practice is appropriate for me? How should I start?

Isha hatha yoga provides various practices of different intensities. It is always a good idea to start with low level intensity practice and slowly work towards high level intensity practice. For your convenience, we have categorized all the practices in different levels basis their intensities.


Level - 1

Beginners Program – Low Level Intensity

  • Even if you have been practicing yoga for years, it is a good way to start Isha Yoga at beginner level as you get to know the basics and the fundamentals of yoga here. There are a lot of myths, misconceptions and inaccuracies that have been passed down through many generations. Here we debunk some myths and put an end to the misconceptions in this field.

  • You also learn some basic practices intended towards preparing your body for advanced hatha yoga and to start slowly.

Level - 2

Surya Kriya – Medium Level Intensity

Level - 3

Yogasanas – Medium Level Intensity

Sadhana Time

After Level 3, you can join weekly Sadhana time to establish your discipline and practice all that you have learned in level 1, 2 and 3.

Level - 4

Angmardana – High Level Intensity

Intense Sadhana Retreat

Experience the benefits of disconnecting with everyday tasks and reconnecting with yourself by joining our 3 day and 9 day retreats.