What Clients Say

Taruna's yoga is reverent and skillful, communicated with a subdued authority that inspires love. Despite its difficulty, it has helped alleviate fear caused by wear and tear on the lower vertebra and lack of cartilage, and the practitioner's body is improving daily with the practice of Surya kriya and yoga asanas.

Steen Peterson​

Learning yoga with In YogicBliss is a gift. The teacher creates a warm and safe environment, welcoming all regardless of physical condition, body shape, age, or lifestyle. The teacher inspires and challenges, and the program works for anyone. YogicBliss offers a holistic yoga experience, balancing the mind and body. A balanced mind is necessary for a balanced body and vice versa. The practitioner is now working towards both.

Aleksandra Achiam

Isha is a great resource for inner well-being. Taruna's teachings are appreciated by a long-time practitioner like me. The course was challenging but doable, with a cozy and intimate setting that helps with focus. Taruna is welcoming, warm, and knowledgeable. The link between physical training and mental training is clearer to me now, which motivates me to follow the practice more closely. Looking forward to the next session!

Roberta Cenni

The yoga classes at Isha are amazing, with valuable lessons and a relaxing atmosphere. After signing up for the Surya Kriya bundle and practicing daily, the practitioner feels much calmer. Taruna is a kind and insightful teacher who puts her heart into the classes and answers questions thoughtfully. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to learn Isha yoga. Thank you, Taruna!