Upa Yoga

Upa Yoga

Upa-Yoga is a simple yet powerful system of exercise that activates the joints, muscles, and energy system. Based on a sophisticated understanding of the body’s mechanics, Upa-Yoga dispels inertia in the body’s energy and brings ease to the whole system. It relieves physical stress and tiredness.

Upa-Yoga essentially means “sub-yoga” or “pre-yoga”. Because of its many immediate and evident benefits, the word Upa Yoga in Indian languages is commonly used to denote “usefulness.” One aspect of Upa-Yoga is towards activating the lubricants and energy nodes in the joints so that the rest of the system begins to function.

Practice Benefits:

Relieves physical stress and tiredness
Strengthens the joints and muscles
Rejuvenates the body after periods of inactivity
Negates the effects of jetlag and long travel


Practice prerequisite:

Ages 12 and above

Low-level intensity

No experience of yoga necessary

Post Learning:

Up to 60 min practice


Fees: 1000 Dkk / 135 Euro

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